Federico Camerlenghi (2016-2017) - Coordinator

My name is Federico Camerlenghi and I received the Master of Science in Mathematics from the University of Milano in 2012. I am currently completing the Ph.D. in Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Pavia with a thesis entitled Hierarchical and Nested Random Probability Measures with Statistical Applications. I am interested in different areas of Statistics and its applications, specifically I am working on diverse projects concerning Stochastic Geometry and Bayesian nonparametrics. For more information about my research activity, you can visit my personal webpage.

Daniele Durante (2017-2018) - Secretary

My name is Daniele Durante, I am currently a Post-doctoral Research Fellow at the department of Statistical Sciences of the University of Padova, where I also obtained my Ph.D. in Statistical Sciences on April 2016, under the supervision of Professors Bruno Scarpa and David B. Dunson. During my studies I appreciated several aspects of the Statistical research, but I gained particular interest in complex data sets and new scientific problems requiring novel methodologies for tractable, flexible and interpretable inference in different fields. This led me to develop new statistical methods in different frameworks, including multivariate stochastic processes, flexible inference on object-type random variables, dynamic modeling of networks and adaptive dimensionality reduction techniques. You can find something more about me, my research and my enthusiasm towards Statistics in my webpage at the link: Daniele Durante.

Ilaria Bianchini (2017-2018)

I am Ilaria Bianchini and I am starting the third year of PhD in "Mathematical models and methods for engineering" at Politecnico di Milano, where I graduated in 2014 in Mathematical Engineering, with a specialization in applied statistics. My research is focused on Bayesian nonparametric models, clustering and biomedical applications. Before starting the PhD, I worked at IMATI-CNR, an institute for applied mathematics and information technologies, where I was part of a project dealing with statistical models for biomechanics. I was member of the local committee of BAYSM, Bayesian young statisticians meeting, held in Florence in June 2016. See my webpage at Ilaria Bianchini.

Tommaso Rigon (2017-2018)

My name is Tommaso Rigon and I am currently a Ph.D. student in Statistics, at Bocconi University. I received a Bachelor Degree in “Statistics, Economics and Finance” from the University of Padova in 2013 and after also a Master degree in “Statistical science”, in 2015, with a thesis entitled “Functional telecommunication data: a Bayesian nonparametric approach”. I mostly work on topics related to Bayesian nonparametrics and computational statistics; however -as for life- statistics is beautiful because is varied and I am interested also in other topics, including statistical applications, machine learning and statistical theory. For more information about myself, visit my webpage at Tommaso Rigon.

Giorgia Rocco (2016-2017)

My name is Giorgia Rocco and I am a current PhD student in Methodological Statistics at the Università di Roma "La Sapienza", Dipartimento di Scienze Statistiche under the supervision of Prof. Luca Tardella. My PhD is granted by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità (The Italian Institute of Public Health). I am also the principal investigator of the "Avvio alla ricerca" project "Clustering methods for challenging data structures in experimental sciences" granted by Università di Roma "La Sapienza". My research interests are in the areas of biostatistics and application to experimental sciences. Currently I am working on clustering and classification of hierarchical mixed type data.